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Cherry Picker

Chain Reaction Yorkshire Ltd now offers cherry picker services.

Standing 12.5 metres tall our cherry picker provides quicker access to high areas and is a much safer alternative to hazardous and unstable ladders.

Scaffolding could be used to reduce falling hazards but is much more expensive and can be very time consuming. Not only can our cherry picker provide a much cheaper alternative to scaffolding but it can also get into the hard to reach places that a solid scaffold cannot, and much more quickly.

Our cherry picker can be used for almost any high or out of reach area and for a wide variety of uses. Here are the most common examples:

• Gutter clearance
• Building maintenance / repair
• CCTV installation / maintenance
• Lighting installation / repair
• Signage installation / maintenance
• Window replacement / repair / painting
• Roof repairs
• Arial fitting / repair
• High access surveying
• Tree work - thinning /felling
• Emergency high access
• High hedge trimming or capping

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